Nepal is facing many problems relating to education accessibility to its people due to the diverse landscape and lack of understanding of the importance of education. Government of Nepal has done its best to educate its entire citizen; however, there are still many difficulties in increasing literary rates of the people. There are also schools in the villages, where students have to walk more than 2 to 3 hours to reach their schools daily and drop outs rates increase by the time they reach at 15 or 16 years of age. That means, most of the students enrolled in their early years, but gradually they drop out of the school by the time they reach SLC.

Establishment of Children’s Village itself is not a solution to cater all kind of services for children even though it is most unavoidable place for children who are abused, abandoned, orphaned and so on. Hence our main single goal is to uplift the standard of our children sheltered in our Children’s Village by providing necessary schooling, training and counseling, thus helping overall development of our children, youths, so that they can be integrated into society easily, when they leave our association. Besides, we also try to help people to develop necessary infrastructure in their respective villages in Nepal as & when needed.  We try to bring smiles to many destitute and under privileged children of Nepal through our many supporting activities implemented in the country and bring hopes for their better lives in their life ahead.