Scholarship & Apprenticeship

Scholarship & Apprenticeship:

Through the Scholarship and Apprenticeship program, we aim to support more children and youths towards building up their career and making them self reliant. FNH/FWHC will organize trainings to benefit its adults from the Children’s Village or youth hostel and for those, who cannot pursue their higher education but need skill to become self reliant. Trainings will be provided in various fields as per their interest and capability, so that they can work with commitment, dedication when they begin their own career later on.
Children from our Children Village, who successfully pass SLC examination, will receive a fixed amount per month to carry on their further study. This will be provided for a period of maximum 3 years.  

From this Scholarship and Apprenticeship program, 41 children are pursuing their education/vocational training at present. This amount will be provided for a limited period as per FWHC’s rules and regulation.

The selection of the candidate for such scholarship or training will be decided by the authorized body of FNH/FWHC. Priority will be given to those who come from following background;

-  Who come from very poor financial condition,
-  Who come from remote and under developed areas of Nepal,
-  Who come from the places in Nepal where political conflicts are making them displaced from their homes and villages,
-  Who can not pursue his/her further education due to the poverty and less opportunity, and having passed the S.L.C. with very good remarks.
-  Who come from lower cast in Nepal and eager to study further to make his/her future career?

Who come from the families in Nepal suffered by natural disasters, such as landslides, flooding etc?