About Us

Forum for the Welfare for Himalayan Children was established in 1995 A.D with the main aim of supporting children for their basic needs like food, education, healthcare, shelter & training. FWHC purchased a land of 17500 square meters in Bhakunde, nearby Pame Bazaar (at present, Pokhara Sub Metropolitan City, Ward no 26), for the purpose of building Children’s Village. The construction of children’s village was completed in 2001 after which all of our children started living in this newly constructed Children’s Village. Children’s village is a remarkable project with all the facilities such as own office, First-Aid Treatment room, workshop building and a library room. In 2000 A.D it helped a nearby Government School which was in dire need of restructuring to create proper atmosphere for their pupils. FWHC provided financial support to this school for necessary infrastructural development.  All children of the Children’s Village/FWHC go to this school for their schooling and building up their academic career, besides our normal extra tuition classes and training at its own premises in the children’s village, Bhakunde. FWHC focuses to upgrade the standard of primary level education either through its own effort or jointly with the other school in Bhakunde.  It has been involved in various social welfare and other infrastructural development activities in the country, apart from running a children’s village in Kaski district.  Presently, there are 80 children, who are receiving shelter, food, education and training through this Children’s village and 13 youths, who are pursuing their further studies and receiving vocational trainings in its youth hostel located at Bungmati, Lalitpur.

Socially deprived children in Nepal, who though no fault of their own, born into unbearable adversity, get support for their schooling and are provided necessary protection in our existing premises in Kaski District & Lalitpur.